Performance Studies for Tuba

Performance Studies for Tuba

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Tuba in C (B.C.)

This new book fills previous void caused by the limited selection of study books to work on sound and technique. This book contains 17 fantastic "performance studies" - by composers including Martin Ellerby, Allen Vizzutti and Philip Sparke - that develop sound and technique while providing a rich environment for the study of style. The accompanying demo CD provides you with an interpretation of these studies by Patrick Sheridan.

Song List:

  • Badinerie - Hommage to J.S. Bach (Swerts) 
  • Alte Zauberkiste (Doss) 
  • Capricious (Schoonenbeek) 
  • Bagatelle (Moren) 
  • Allegria (Van der Roost)
  • La Foca Skud (Ferran) 
  • Divertimento (Moren) 
  • Tuba Rag (Swerts) 
  • You Can Count on It! (Schoonenbeek)
  • Saudade (Van der Roost)
  • Return Journey (Sparke)
  • Two Sides of the Same Coin (Sparke)
  • Fast and Rhythmic (Vizzutti)
  • El Patricko Latino - La Danza Cubana (Ellerby)
  • Gateway Client (Vizzutti)
  • Three Miniatures (Moren)
  • El Patricko del Cigarro - La Serenata Habanera (Ellerby)