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Astonishing agility!" -Los Angeles Times

"Beautiful Sound! Incredible Musicianship! Blinding Virtuosity!" - The Chronicle

"...Sheridan creates an atmosphere in which the listener is swept up into a fantastic world of sound and imagination. His instrument becomes transparent, the music stands triumphant and the listener can't help but enjoy themselves!!" -The Herald (Scotland)

"...this is absolute music at it's finest. Sheridan weeps, laughs and inspires with his delicate sense of line and sumptuous sound. You will change your mind about the tuba after you've heard him..." - Saarbrücken Daily

"A must see! Sheridan's larger than life persona is merely a backdrop for his incredible velocity, velvety tone and heart-breaking musicianship. Don't miss it!!" - Le Monde

"...Sheridan's best bits are funny and poignant..." - The Arizona Republic

"...he can sound sincerely plaintive and then play music of a high filigree and through his humor deliver a performance that has the appropriate tone of total madness!" - The Rep!

"...the only surprise of the evening was that fireworks did not erupt out of Sheridan's tuba!"
- The Grand Rapids Press

"Although Paul Robeson sang Ol' Man River originally, in his jazzier version, Sheridan's tuba sounded more like Bing Crosby!" - The Grand Rapids Press